My daughter has embarked on her collegiate journey this fall. Her new stomping grounds are the well-manicured, sun-soaked lawns of the University of Southern California. Her new locale provides a compelling motive for regular travel on the 6 hour north-south journey between home and her campus.

Although flying has a…


With shelter in place orders mandated through the land, folks are counting on the web more than ever. Zoom teleconferences, Amazon toilet paper orders, Netflix and decompress, and online gaming marathons are the new normal.

At work

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With modern telecommunication and collaboration tools advancing, more work will be done remotely and…

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Projections, caution and fear accompany emerging and media-saturated epidemics. Coronavirus has dominated our headlines and induced widespread fear. Time will tell the final story of this epidemic. Looking at the history and data of past well-known epidemics gives us a better grounding in how this one might play out.


Successful lifehacking is a combination of trial-and-error, internet searching and A/B testing. Here are a few of my favorites in no particular order.

  1. Coping with change

Problem: What the heck to do with all the coins that accumulate over time?

Traditional solution: Coinstar

Hack: Self-service checkout machines

Summary: Why use…

Death is scary. It often comes without warning. With today’s modern medical technology, detection of a terminal disease is becoming more common. Facing the end, a patient is faced with critical questions.

Would you prefer to die instantly without knowing?

If you had only 3 months to live, what would…

Short answer is “yes”. The extended answer follows.

Simpatico with Quickbooks

Quickbooks is a great accounting package. It is not surprising they continue to reign as the defacto accounting solution for small to medium businesses. AP, AR, GL and Payroll are simple, intuitive and well integrated. Setting up a chart…

As a school boy, I was lead to believe that certain rules of English were immutable. The English language is far from a static system. It is one of the most vibrant and changeable languages. This is a good thing! …

Ken Ryu

CEO & Founder. Gogocater.

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