Retrospectively Dylan

  1. Memory recall. An event or scene more than 40 years prior is described with exacting recall.
  2. Sensory awareness. Dylan’s stories are infused with heightened sensory perception. Sonic, visual, aromatic, and tactile information bring the scenes alive and transports the reader into the frame.
  3. Emotional presence. As Dylan jumps back and forth from events in his life, he becomes the Dylan from the period he is defining. As he determinedly works to gain Dave Von Ronk’s confidence, he is not the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame superstar reflecting on his journey to fame. He is the young journeyman folk singer figuring how best to impress the local folk impresario.
  4. Instant knowledge. Dylan crashes at a friend’s house in New York. His friend has numerous books of philosophers, poets, and literary giants. In a few months, he absorbs a lifetime of knowledge from history’s greatest minds. Dylan is able to do the same with music. He can listen to an album and learn to play the songs with lightening rapidity.




CEO & Founder. Gogocater.

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Ken Ryu

Ken Ryu

CEO & Founder. Gogocater.

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